"Mr. Darryl"

Author, Radio Personality, Fatherhood Engagement Specialist, Speaker, Marriage Coach, Mentor, and Preacher

Badley Jr. is a....

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Relationships and marriage are the cornerstones of human existence. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way of having meaningful and successful ones.This book takes you and your significant other on a 60 day journey of self discovery and dynamic engagement in a fun and innovative way. Who said that the process of learning how to better love and appreciate your spouse or partner had to be boring ? “The Game of Love” is by far one of the most interactive relationships self help guide imaginable. You and your loved one will begin a journey that is sure to create renewed love, joy, and affection that is sure to last a lifetime.


Marriage Coaching

Corporate Training

Public Speaking / Preaching

Happy Couples

Relationship coaching has transformed our marriage. We have better communication and a deeper connection.

Thanks to relationship coaching, we have learned how to navigate conflicts and strengthen our bond.

Coaching has helped us rekindle the love and passion in our relationship. We are happier than ever.

"As a Radio Station Owner, Relationship Coach, Minister, Husband, and Father, Mr.Darryl wears many hats and is able to impact so many people all over the world!"

Whether you know him as owner of Christian Warrior Radio Network, an advocate for disabled veterans, father figure and mentor, or Christian teacher and preacher, there is no doubt Mr. Darryl has had a positive impact. Especially in the areas of:

  • Building healthy relationships and marriages

  • Supporting veteran employment and entrepreneurship

  • Supporting human trafficking awareness initiatives

  • Giving a voice to those who need and want to be heard

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